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    On March 30, 1987, Marlee Matlin was awarded an Oscar for her groundbreaking performance in Children of a Lesser God. Long before and long after that day, she was and continues to be an advocate for human rights around the world. 

    What I have learned from her example is that you have the right to tell your story. And that no one has the right to silence your story. 

    "Silence is the last thing the world will ever hear from me." - Marlee Matlin


    For many folks, the past few weeks have been an unusually extreme series of highs and lows. A time to figure out what's next, to ponder the future, and perhaps to wonder if the other shoe is going to drop. Some have seen a total eclipse, the Northern Lights, and other magnificent sights offered by Mother Nature and the universe in general. Others have been devastated by hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, forest fires, and more. Hardly anyone I know has not been effected either directly or indirectly.  

    As I've listened and observed and spent what time I can helping out where and when I can, several related bits and pieces of wisdom related to "home" echo in my brain. Paraphrased examples of that wisdom include "...home is where you hang your hat." "...there's no place like home."  "...home is where the heart is." 

    Despite the many trials and tribulations, the extreme ebbs and flows of things - both good and not so good - that family, friends, and strangers have and are experiencing; I'm once again reminded that this is all we have. This roundish ball made of water, rock, and gas. We are all together in the same ocean liner traveling in the infinite sea of space. And there are no lifeboats. We'll either all make the voyage together or we won't. It's a paradoxical conundrum of the highest order: We have everything in the world in whatever way, shape, and form it takes; and everything in the world is all we have.

    That paradox to me is actually quite inspiring, in fact, it's awe-inspiring. And it's always helped me to overcome obstacles and challenges. And it's humbling. And be it ever so humble, there's no place like Earth, our home. 


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