I started out taking on a couple producer duties with the goal of learning more about the business. As an actor, I thought it might also help give me a better understanding of how projects operate. To my surprise, it has become a second passion related to telling stories. And now (according to those who seem to know such things) I've apparently become a full fledged "actor-producer hyphenate" with over a dozen producing projects under my belt. Following are just a few of the award winning independent feature and short films I've been honored to have played a part in getting off the ground:


They took her life, now she will take their souls…

Zoe, a beautiful deaf woman, is abducted, brutalized, and left for dead by a murderous gang. When she is found by a local native medicine man, he tries to save her, but his efforts take a disastrous turn when she awakes possessed by a murdered Apache chief, hellbent on revenge.

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Gabby's WishGABBY'S WISH

Reuniting a long lost family can be quite the task but when there's a will there's a way...

Gabby Burkshire has lost touch with her family and is dying. She invites her relatives to her home to become reacquainted and identify an heir for her fortune. As each of their personalities clarifies around her, like details in a developing photo, who will she choose?

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Catch the virus...

Five recent college grads go for one last vacation in the woods during the summer of 1984 and one of them is infected with a mad scientist's synthetic rabies virus.

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Sometimes the only way out is to fight...

Maya, a female underground fighter, is faced with the most difficult challenge of her career. Can she win her last fight to save her young son from a life of unspeakable poverty or will losing the fight shatter her spirit?

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Set of Savaged with writer/directer Michael Ojeda (C) and co-star Joseph Running Fox (R)
Savaged set with Brittney Deutsch (L) and Courtney E. Hayes (R)
Gabby's Wish Premiere
On the set of Gabby's Wish
Daniel Knight